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Watch the movie : Le complexe du hérisson
A little girl is mocked by her comrades and then grows up ...
2 min 36 s

Le complexe du hérisson

Watch the movie : Appearance and Reality
A short story about the feelings shown and hidden.
4 min 37 s

Appearance and Reality

Watch the movie : Un Amour Deux Bêtes
The difficulties of reconciling friendship and love.
3 min 45 s

Un Amour Deux Bêtes

Watch the movie for children: Sausage
The tranquility of traders is challenged by the arrival of fast food.
6 min 16 s
Watch the movie for children: Dripped
How to invent a new pictorial art?
8 min 22 s


Watch the movie for children: I Am Dyslexic
A beautiful metaphor for dyslexia.
6 min 22 s

I Am Dyslexic

Watch the children's movie: In a Heartbeat
A young boy no longer manages to hold his heart and decides to declare his love to the boy of his dreams.
4 min 5 s

In a Heartbeat

Watch the children's political fable Les ailes du papillon
Children oppressed by a tyrant are only comforted by the music that every night awakens the stars.
9 min 17 s

Les ailes du papillon

kids movie: Ushi-nichi
Small episodes of mystical and sweet characters.
9 min 9 s


Watch the film for children : Sleeping Betty
A spoofed parody of the famous popular tale "Sleeping Beauty".
9 min 17 s

Sleeping Betty

Watch the film for children sur l'amitié : Premier Automne
A film of great poetry, a very beautiful allegory of life.
10 min 31 s

Premier Automne

Watch the film for children : Luminaris
In a world controlled and timed by light, an ordinary man has a plan to change the order of things.
6 min 17 s


Regardez le film sur pour enfants la mémoire : Lost Property
A very poetic metaphor of memory.
6 min 13 s

Lost Property

Watch the film for children : Grandma’s Hero
Lulu has just graduated from the Academy of Heroes and finally has the luck to prove that he is a true hero.
7 min 17 s

Grandma’s Hero

Watch the film for children : The Henhouse
Against the rain and the cold, a hungry fox finds shelter in a cafe.
6 min 53 s

The Henhouse

Watch the film for children : Dimanche
A magical tale about ennui and adult life through the eyes of a child.
9 min 49 s


Watch the film for children : Breakfast in Paris
Relations between parents and children are not always simple, and this short film depicts the relationship between a mother and her son in a very amusing way.
2 min 29 s

Breakfast in Paris

Watch the film for children : Sur les rails
On a train, an old man remembers his past and regrets what he did.
3 min 46 s

Sur les rails

Watch kids movie : Goodbye mister de Vries
An object, a sound, an odor ... And suddenly our memories reappear.
5 min 48 s

Goodbye mister de Vries

Watch the film for children : A different perspective
This short film, with a very original graphic universe, depicts the arrival of an extraterrestrial.
1 min 55 s

A different perspective

Watch the film for children : Heart
Metaphors and abstract symbols illustrated by the human heart.
8 min 35 s


Watch the film for children : Premières Plumes
Bird characters discover their first feathers ...
2 min 36 s

Premières Plumes

Watch the film for children : Eleanor
Eleanor is locked in a depressive routine, with only her cat for support, until the day when the cat, decides to leave the house ...
2 min 30 s
Watch the film for children : The Tree
A very poetic film on the tragedy of war.
2 min

The Tree

Watch the film for children : Parental Child
A film about the difficulty of communicating between parents and children.
4 min 22 s

Parental Child

Watch the film for children : Tomato story
Two old ladies quarrel over tomatoes that grew on a common balcony.
3 min 39 s

Tomato story

Watch the film for children : Bundle Of Joy
The comical story of two mechanical mice that decide to have a baby. They did not expect to have so many emotions. Will they regret it?
3 min 30 s

Bundle Of Joy

Watch the film for children : Imago
A miniature plane takes off and the story begins ...
11 min 38 s


Watch the film for children : Matter Fisher
A lone fisherman encounters a strange form of life.
7 min 25 s

Matter Fisher

Watch the film for children : Efollia
A mortal battle for the throne between two twin princes.
2 min 49 s


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