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Watch the movie : Monsieur COK
Mr. COK, manufacturer of shells and passionate about profit, replaces his employees with very sophisticated automatons.
9 min 47 s

Monsieur COK

Watch the movie for children from 9 years old: D’Une Rare Crudité
Sweet and cruel stories in a strange garden.
7 min 45 s

D’Une Rare Crudité

kids movie: Wings and Oars
A former pilot looks back over his life
5 min 52 s

Wings and Oars

Watch the film for children : Le vieil homme et la mer
A masterpiece of animation that won the Oscar for Best Animated Film in 2000.
19 min 55 s

Le vieil homme et la mer

Watch the film for children : Head over heels
Discover the beautiful story of this couple who live upside down.
10 min 21 s

Head over heels

Watch the film for children : On the Other Side of the Woods
A strange and surreal adaptation of one of the most famous stories in the world.
10 min 09 s

On the Other Side of the Woods

Watch the film for children : Logorama
A chase between Michelin and McDonald's gangster.
16 min 02 s


Watch the film for children : The Man Who Was Afraid of Falling
One day a pot of flowers fall from Ivor's window, leading to a series of increasingly paranoid reactions.
4 min 28 s

The Man Who Was Afraid of Falling

Watch the movie : Fears
A boy discovers the existence of strange little animals, representations of our fears and anxieties.
2 min 8 s


Film for kids: Ray's Big Idea
A prehistoric fish, courageous pioneer, has an innovative plan to improve its life. He will come out of the water!
3 min 24 s

Ray's Big Idea

Watch the film for children : Steadfast Stanley
Stanley the Pembroke Welsh Corgi is left behind in the break of an apocalypse.
4 min 11 s

Steadfast Stanley

Watch the film for children : None of That
A museum keeper discovers that someone censors the famous artistic nudes, sculptures, pictures and paintings of his museum.
4 min 9 s

None of That

Regardez le film sur pour enfants le souvenir : Jean-François
A very nice short animation film about the obsession of memories.
5 min 50 s


These films are free of charge and and can legally be viewed during class screenings, within the school, and at the student's home with the parents.
A ranking by age, genre, theme and keyword lets you choose movies based on activities with your students, and to create and share your short film programs.
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Our selection of films for children 9 years and up is recommended by teachers and parents to allow small children to watch quality movies safely.
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