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Watch the film: Afterwork
The dull and monotonous life of Groompy the rabbit, a cartoon hero, after work.
6 min 14 s


Watch the film: Hybrids
When marine fauna is affected by the pollution that surrounds it, the rules of survival change...
6 min 20 s
Watch the film: Château de sable
In the middle of the desert, soldiers are protecting a beautiful pearl, but a gigantic creature will try to take it.
5 min 50 s

Sand castle

Watch the film: Crush
A nostalgic scrap metal dealer is about to crush two old cable cars and hesitates.
3 min 05 s
Regardez le film sur la jalousie : Second To None
When Fredericks' twin brother becomes the oldest man in the world.
7 min 16 s

Second To None

Regardez le film pour adolescents : Batz
The explosive encounter between two bats that everything seems to oppose.
7 min 24 s
Regardez le film pour enfants : How to Catch a Bird
a little girl forgets, that after fishing, you always have to take the worm off the hook.
4 min 31 s

How to Catch a Bird

Regardez le film pour adolescents : Palmipedarium
Simon knows ducks very well. They make noise, fly, swim, some even roll.
10 min 23 s


Regardez le film pour adolescents : The Wound
A little girl suffers an emotional wound that comes to life in her imagination.
9 min 20 s

The Wound

Regardez le film pour enfants de 15 ans : Life is Beautiful
Humorous animation about the impossibility of escaping your fate.
8 min 37 s

Life is Beautiful

Regardez le film pour enfants de 9 ans : La Lupe i en Bruno
Lupe loves Bruno. Bruno does not love Lupe. The story of an impossible love.
5 min 32 s

La Lupe i en Bruno

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