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Watch the film : The brave heart
Une comédie surréaliste, un cœur courageux voyage à l'intérieur du corps humain
9 min 55 s

The brave heart

Watch the film : Batz
The explosive encounter between two bats that everything seems to oppose.
7 min 24 s
Watch the film : How to Catch a Bird.
A little girl forgets that after fishing you always have to remove the worm from the hook.
4 min 31 s

How to Catch a Bird.

Watch the film : The Wound
A little girl suffers from an emotional injury that comes to life in her imagination.
9 min 20 s

The Wound

kids movie: Logorama
Chase between Michelin brand police and gangster McDonald's.
16 min 2 s


kids movie : Life is Beautiful
Humorous animation on the impossibility of escaping your destiny.
8 min 37 s

Life is Beautiful

kids movie : La Lupe i en Bruno
Lupe loves Bruno. Bruno does not like Lupe. The story of an impossible love.
5 min 32 s

La Lupe i en Bruno

These films are free of charge and and can legally be viewed during class screenings, within the school, and at the student's home with the parents.
A ranking by age, genre, theme and keyword lets you choose movies based on activities with your students, and to create and share your short film programs.
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