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How and where to find a film for children?

There are still few original short films or cartoons on television, in the cinema, or on DVD, and it is sometimes difficult to find quality short films.

Have a wide variety of choices

Many great films are available online for free, but the internet is a labyrinth and teachers or parents often do not have time to search. Selecting a children's film correctly requires having a choice.
How to search, where to find quality films, tools and methodology to find good films.
Discover also which criteria allow to choose a film, which are the best films for young audiences.
What is an educational film environment ?

Listening to the latest film news

What are the alternatives to traditional media?

One way of finding new educational films suitable for children is to keep an eye on the latest film news, but as with children's literature, music, ideas for children's activities, school and family outings, we don't look to broadcasters and media outlets, but directly to creators, directors, film schools, audiovisual production companies and children's film festivals.

Invitation to a journey

Are you looking for new films for your pupils? Search and find a children's film with the same fun as mushroom hunting!

comment touver un film pour enfants ? © Wei Weihua, AOKIstudio. A forest of mushrooms

Going on a film hunt is a real pleasure, a playful and educational wander. As you go along, you will list your good spots, where you will be sure to find a good film, the spots known to all, where you will find interesting films that you already know.

Searching for films, a playful and educational stroll

As you walk around, you will also come across new corners with films you never knew existed. You will learn to recognise edible films that match your taste and the educational use you want to make of the cinema.

The definition of a poisonous film could be: "deliberately made for the sole purpose of making money". This does not mean that all commercially successful films are poisonous.

You will discover the importance of seasons; animation schools release their graduation films on different dates and film festivals are held throughout the year.

You will certainly experience good days and bad days, miraculous or unsuccessful fishing.

Where to find films for children? © Wei Weihua, AOKIstudio. A forest like a cathedral.

You will end up inventing your own recipes, creating film programmes adapted to the pupils; why not an "ecological stew with a pinch of humour"? Get your school aprons on!

The filmmakers

Many directors offer to watch their short films on the Internet, either on paid VOD, video on demand (VOD) or for free on video hosting websites such as Vimeo, Dailymotion or Youtube.

Directors of children's films © Film makers.

These hosting sites are a gold mine, but the amount of films uploaded daily is overwhelming and the search for talented filmmakers is time consuming.

We search daily for new films put online by the directors. We watch them all and select the short films that correspond to our editorial line, and classify them by age and theme. Our selection gives particular importance to the poetic dimension and the originality of the visual universe to allow the artistic awakening and the blossoming of the children.

En savoir plus sur news from the filmmakers...

Animation schools

Animation and film schools are an indispensable source of information for discovering original films for children. Each film and animation school has its own identity through its choice of teaching, animation techniques and study themes.

List of animation schools © Animation schools.

Some schools put more emphasis on the writing, others on the psychology of the characters, the animation, the visual world of the films. Graduation films are not made for children, but many are very appropriate for the youngest.

Find out how to follow the news of film schools...

Animation studios

Consulting the websites of production companies can also help to find new masterpieces. Unfortunately, economic constraints and the authority of broadcasters often require concessions, and companies that produce quality films are rare.

We have listed our favourite animation studios to make it easier to find short films for young people.

Find out how to follow the news of animation studios...

Children's film festivals

Children's film festivals are an incredible source of discovery.

Children's film festivals © Christophe Defaye. Busan International Children's Film Festival.

In the four corners of the world, film enthusiasts select films, organise public screenings, invite directors and producers to talk about the films.

With the aim of sharing the love of the 7th art, festival directors, often volunteers, do an impressive and admirable job of finding new films.

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