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How to choose a film?

Choosing a film to accompany a subject discussed in class?
Where to find the films? How can they be used for educational purposes?
What content and messages are suitable for children?

Search, find, select

Seek among the astronomical quantity of films on television, DVD, Internet, and then choosing a film according to our activities with children is an exciting work, but having a methodology to search for quality films is necessary to offer a wide variety of choices, a fair idea of the panorama of audiovisual production of films for children.

Pedagogical or educational films?

The educational objectives of a film and its use in the classroom guide the choices. Introduce children to image techniques? Stimulate artistic sensitivity? Showing a film for its information content? Enrich a subject studied at school?

Our portal aims to bring together a number of poetic and original films whose quality and diversity will provide an educational environment and become an educational tool for teachers and parents.

Stimulating children's artistic sensitivity

How do films allow us to construct our tastes?
Why do films stimulate children's artistic sensitivity?

Original educational film online © Olivier Defaye. How to stimulate the artistic sensitivity of children?

How to use a film as a teaching aid?
Can we create an educational environment for films?

Is the diversity of visual worlds important for education?

Learn more about educational films and pedagogical films...

How and where to find the films?

Having a wide variety of choices is necessary to choose a children's film properly. On the side of broadcasters and traditional media, choices are often limited by economic constraints.

A good way to discover original films is to look at the creators, listen to the directors, animation schools, production companies, children's film festivals. Many short films are freely and legally available. Keep up to date with the latest film news.

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Criteria for choosing a children's film

Having tools, determining criteria to choose from makes it possible to select films according to the use of a film in class or at home.

Capturing the attention of small children

A film to laugh with the family, to explain ecology? A film to entertain at school, to study cinema? A film to extend a subject developed with pupils, to create an educational activity?

How to choose a film for children? © Rebecca Manley. Film for children : Table Manners

Asking questions about the educational potential of films guides the research, selection criteria and choice of films. Why show, what is the purpose of a film? In order to offer educational, entertaining and original films that are likely to captivate the little ones, the content of the films must be adapted to the age of the children. The choice of themes allows the films to be used as educational tools. The genre, comedy or narrative, sets the tone for the screening.

Propose original messages and visual universes

The originality of the stories and the visual worlds is aimed at raising the awareness and artistic awakening of children. The aim of our children's film portal is to offer original films that little ones do not easily have the opportunity to see.
How to follow the film news to find the right film?

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The best films for children

Film rankings, inventories and lists provide a quick overview of the best films. Several rankings, top 10, top 100, can be consulted on the internet and children's film specialists regularly publish their own selection. Children from the age of 2 or 3 sometimes have difficulty maintaining their attention for a full-length animated film, so we think that short films are perfectly suitable for the youngest. However, feature films, the great classics of children's animation, remain a source of discovery, reflection and wonder. Here is our ranking of the most beautiful animated films for young audiences, the best animated films to see with the family, the must-sees. For each film, we have selected the most representative extracts and the most beautiful songs.

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© Paul Grimault. Feature film for children: The King and the Bird, 1980.
Les meilleurs films pour enfants
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