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A great opportunity! Many directors offer to show their short films and animated films on the internet.

Sharing films for free to make children happy

A real goldmine for finding a children's film, these short films are freely and legally available because the copyright owners, whether the filmmakers themselves, the animation studios , animation schools or children's film festivals, agree to share the films.

Follow the news of the film directors

Unfortunately, there are only a few facilities for filmmakers to show their short films, and film festivals remain the best way. Once the "festival circuit" is over, many wonderful films fall into neglect and it becomes almost impossible to find them.

In order to share their passion, filmmakers put their films online for free on platforms such as Vimeo, Dailymotion or Youtube. However, these video-sharing sites do not have search engines that can meet the specific demands of users.

Many wonderful films fall into disuse

In practice, it is difficult for parents or school teachers to find these short films. One method is to focus on a few particular filmmakers and keep an eye on them. Follow the news of a community, look at what is put online, like or share. It takes a lot of time. It's a labyrinth and few parents have the time to search, to choose.

In fact, it is mostly film professionals or animation school students who take the time to search for and watch these films and there are very few websites for the general public, which is surprising considering the astronomical amount of films online.

The Internet is a labyrinth of movies

We started by looking for films to show to our own children. We found many we liked, but we had to surf from one site to another, saving links. We couldn't find a portal to access all these films.

Films to see at school, to review at home

Our site aims to increase the visibility of these films and cartoons to give children a wide variety of choices. We believe that it is important for the education of children that everyone has free access to films.

Being able to stream films for free, while respecting copyright, makes it easy for teachers to choose a film, but also for children to be able to watch them again at home with their parents or the whole family.

Children love to read and re-read their favourite books. It would be a shame if they couldn't see the films they loved again.

Who are the filmmakers?

In order to get to know the creators of these wonderful films better, but also to highlight some of the behind-the-scenes work, we interview the film directors.

Like the Proust questionnaire, a 10-question questionnaire that reveals something of the tastes and aspirations of filmmakers.

The conscious and unconscious references of creators

Unlike the Proust questionnaire, there are no questions about the creators' real world (e.g. my favourite virtue, what I like most about my friends...) but about their imaginary world (e.g. the fictional character I would like to meet, the fictional world I would not like to live in).

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Are you a filmmaker? You offer to watch your films or videos for free on the internet? Submit your short films and animated films to us! You think your short live-action films are suitable for children from 3 years old and you want to present them to a wider audience? Do you know children's film makers or have you watched a good children's cartoon recently, a free short film streaming for children? Do you also think it is important for children's education that everyone has free access to these films? Suggest a free educational film for children! Help us to find the best films for children, the best animated films to watch in family or at school! Translated with (free version)
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