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Discover new children's films by following the news of audiovisual production companies that are passionate about quality children's films.

Sharing films to make children happy

As with the websites of film directors, children's film festivals and animation schools , you can check the websites of production companies for new masterpieces.

Children's film production

Animation studios and companies specialising in the production of quality films for young audiences are unfortunately rare because commercial constraints leave little room for originality.

Children's film production companies © Folimage. Series on ecology directed by Jacques-Rémy Girerd: Ma Petite planète chérie.

Some manage to maintain their integrity, reconcile commercial constraints with creativity and produce wonderful films.

For the pleasure of the audience

These companies all share the same passion: Inventing new stories, new imaginary worlds for the enjoyment of young viewers, cultivating the love of children's cinema. Feature films, shorts, documentaries, educational films, animated and live action films, many trailers are available.

Some films are offered in free streaming by the producers, other films are in VOD (film or video on demand) or DVD.

List of production companies dedicated to children's films

Here is a non-exhaustive list of companies that allow us to search and find French language films. List under construction in alphabetical order.

Autour de Minuit

Autour de Minuit is a French production company founded in 2001. It produces high quality short films, some of which are adapted for young audiences, and animated series for the whole family. Autour de Minuit has notably produced the extraordinary satire of consumer society Logorama, awarded the Oscar for best animated short in 2010.


French audiovisual production company founded in 1981 and specialised in the production of quality short and feature films for children. xceptional feature films such as Raining Cats and Frogs (2003), Mia and the Migoo (2008), wonderful animated series to make children think like My Little Planet (1996), but also many masterpieces of short films like The Monk and the Fish directed by Michael Dudok De Wit (1994).

Je Regarde

French production company created in 2009 and specialized in the production of auteur animation films. The short films are all of high quality and very original like the animated short film Premier Automne co-produced with Melting productions and Inefecto.


French production company created in 2006 and specialised in the production of auteur animation films. The films are all very poetic, such as the animated short Racines.

I+G Stop Motion

I + G Stop Motion is a Spanish production company created in 2005 and specialised in stop motion puppet animation. With very original characters, the films directed by Marc Riba and Anna Solanas plunge us into strange and wonderful atmospheres and are all very poetic.
Discover the VIMEO channel of I+G Stop Motion

Les Armateurs

Les Armateurs is a 3D/2D/Live film production company with an integrated animation studio, founded in 2006 in Paris. Les Armateurs focuses in particular on the graphic universe of the films and the point of view of the authors. The company has produced several films, including Kirikou (1998), Princes et Princesses (2000) Princes et Princesses, The Triplets of Belleville (2002) and Ernest and Célestine (2012).

Les Films de l'Arlequin

French production company founded in 1991. Many beautiful short films, documentaries, fiction films and experimental films such as, Au premier dimanche d'août (2001), Le tigre à la queue leu leu (2014), The tree (2015). Les Films de l'Arlequin co-produced the animated feature film for children Le monde est un grand chelm (1996).

Les Films du Nord

French and Belgian production company created in 1995 and specialised in the production of auteur animation films. Very poetic short films for small children such as La Femme papillon (2003), La leçon de natation (2008), La Lune d'or (2016).


Created in 1939, the National Film Board of Canada (NFB) is a Canadian federal cultural agency. It is a public producer and distributor of audiovisual works with over 10,000 works to its credit. Numerous brilliant directors and animators such as Norman McLaren, Cordell Barker, Claude Cloutier are closely associated with the NFB. The NFB offers free access to many masterpieces of animation for children on its website and its Vimeo channel.


Founded in January 2006 by a group of directors, Papy3D is a production company of short films often adapted to young audiences. Discover on Papy3D's VIMEO channel films such as Monsieur COK and Chez moi.

Tant Mieux Prod

Production company created in 2012. It is the creator of the wonderful collectionEn sortant de l'école, a series of short films aimed at young audiences, aimed at adapting French poems into animation. Delphine Maury, the company's creator, is also behind the beautiful children's series The Long Long Holiday. 10 episodes of 26 minutes broadcast on France 3 in 2015, the story of two children during the Second World War and the discovery of the countryside by city dwellers.
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