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Thematic programmes

Between 3 and 6 films with a total duration of 20 to 30 minutes

A tool to accompany the school curriculum

The visual arts contribute to artistic practices in schools but can also accompany other areas of learning and be used as a pedagogical resource to enrich the subjects studied in class.
The programmes are adapted to the ages of the children and the subjects studied in primary school.
You can also search film by film, create your own programme, from the page All children's films.

Theme: Ecology

Educational objective
To introduce children to ecology and make them aware that we are responsible for protecting our environment.

Film for small children : Ecology and respect for nature
© Calarts. Short film for children by Brandon Wu : The Mountain King, 2007.

Selection of 4 films with a total duration of 20 minutes.
From 5 years old.

Theme: Moral and civic education

Educational objective
"Do not do to others what I would not want them to do to me."
From kindergarten onwards, learn respect for others and the rules of collective life.

children's film : Exclusion and ban
© VGIK. Short film by Dina Velikovskaya on exclusion: My Strange Grandfather, 2011.

Selection of 5 films with a total duration of 20 minutes.
From the age of 3.

Theme: Friendship

Educational objective
What is friendship? Why and how do we become friends?
Is friendship eternal?

Children's film : Impossible friendship
© Je Regarde. Short film Carlos by De Carvalho and Aude Danset: Premier Automne, 2013.

Selection of 5 films with a total duration of 25 minutes.
From 5 years old.

Theme: Dance and choreography

Educational objective
Invite children to discover the world of dance, bodies in movement.
But also the magic of cinema and images.

Watch the film Short and Suite. Abstract dance for children
© ONF. Abstract short film by Norman McLaren : Short and Suite, 1959.

Selection of 4 films with a total duration of 23 minutes.
From the age of 3.

Theme: Memory and Memories

Educational objective
The difference between short-term and long-term memory.
To make people understand how memory works. Distant memories.

Film for young audiences about memories
© École Émile Cohl. Short film by Jeremy Guiter on memories : Sur les rails, 2011.

Selection of 4 films with a total duration of 20 minutes.
From 9 years old, for primary school children.

Theme: Traditional tales

Educational objective
The origin of the stories, the ancestral fears of nature and the unknown.
Revisiting folk tales, inventing new endings.

Children's film: fairy tales
© ONF. Abstract short film by Claude Cloutier : Isabelle au bois dormant, 2007.

Selection of 5 films with a total duration of 20 minutes.
From 7 years old.

Theme: Parental relationships

Educational objective
What is the family?
What do children think about family relationships?

Film about family relationships
© Yoshiko Misumi. Short film by Yoshiko Misumi: Googuri Googuri, 2010.

Selection of 4 films with a total duration of 21 minutes.
From 5 years old, for children from kindergarten.

Keyword : Animals

Educational objective
Presentation of the living world.
Animals as a medium to develop the imagination of the youngest.

children's film with animals
© Blender Institute. Film by Pablo Vazquez: Caminandes, 2017.

2 programmes of 18 minutes each. 4 films per programme.
From 3 and 5 years old.

Genre: Comedy

Educational objective
Humour and laughter for children's learning and development.
The different comic devices, the categories of laughter, the sense of humour.

Comedy film for young audiences
© Pedro Conti. Short burlesque film by Pedro Conti : One More Beer, 2011.

Selection of 8 films with a total duration of 26 minutes.
From 7 years old.

Keyword : France

Educational objective
Images of France.
Describing a landscape, understanding and differentiating the characteristics of a place.

Children's film about France
© MOPA. Film by MOPA: 14, 2015.

Selection of 4 films with a total duration of 24 minutes.
From 7 years old
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