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Takorama 2024
The TAKORAMA children's film festival will not take place in 2024.

We would like to extend our warmest thanks to our partners in previous editions, in particular the French Ministry of Education, the French Ministry of Overseas Territories, Ekome in Greece and AOKI in Japan for their financial support, without which these editions would not have been possible.

Participation and results of Takorama 2023

106,954 participants: 3,151 teachers, 904 parents and 102,899 children (92,937 at school and 5,907 at home).
65 countries participated in the Takorama 2023 festival, with France accounting for more than 80% of the global participation.

Results of the 2023 festival
Discover the 2023 results and the voting percentages...

Participation and results of Takorama 2022

154,912 participants: 5,904 teachers, 2,255 parents and 146,573 children (142,040 at school and 4,151 at home).
96 countries participated in the Takorama 2021 festival, with France accounting for more than 80% of the global participation.

Results of the 2022 festival
Discover the 2022 results and the voting percentages...

Participation and results of Takorama 2021

340,418 participants: 10,161 teachers, 4,092 parents and 326,165 children (303,190 at school and 22,975 at home).
115 countries participated in Takorama 2021; France represents 77% of the global participation.

Results of the 2021 festival
Discover the 2021 results and the voting percentages by academy and by country...

Participation and results of Takorama 2020

12,079 French school teachers registered their classes and 270,761 students participated.

Résultats du festival 2020
Discover the 2020 results...

Origin of the festival

Connecting with other children

On the initiative of the French School of Florence, the association "Films pour enfants" has created an online festival in the context of the 2020 confinement to allow children to stay in touch with teachers but also to get in touch with other children and discover cultural diversities around universal values and messages such as humanism, ecology and poetry.
Découvrez les résultats 2020 par académies...

The festival partners

National and international partners

The children's film festival, under the patronage of UNESCO, is supported by international partners such as the UNODC through its Education for Justice initiative (E4J) and the UNESCO Media and Information Literacy Alliance. The Institut français, Serge Tisseron's NPO 3-6-9-12, Citia and the French Réseau Canopé are also partners and participated in the selection of the 2021 films.

Takorama International Children's Film Festival 2021

Takorama also benefits from the support of the NPO 3-6-9-12, founded by Serge Tisseron, which has
A selection grid for short films to decide on the suitability of the content for children's ages has also been developed in collaboration with the association.
Download the selection grid...

One passion: Sharing films

Many film festivals are dedicated to children, feature film festivals, short film festivals, animated film festivals, competitive or non-competitive.

Les festivals de films pour enfants © Christophe Defaye. Busan International Children's Film Festival.

Some are very big like Chicago or New York with more than 30,000 spectators per year, others are much smaller with just a few hundred spectators, but they all share the same great vocation: showing quality films to children.

Discover and share new masterpieces

In order to keep abreast of international children's film festivals, we have created a database of children's film festivals..

This is very useful for the directors and festival directors with whom we are in contact. It allows us to understand the editorial line of each festival, and of course to find new masterpieces.

Objective of the festival

Discovering films in an educational context

The aim of the festival is to provide children around the world with free access to auteur animated shorts in an educational context.
The short films are accompanied by activities to allow for educational extensions.

Asserting the educational dimension of cinema

The underlying objective of the festival is also to affirm the educational dimension of cinema by positioning it alongside literature and painting as a resource that can accompany and support all types of teaching (visual arts, French, ECM, mathematics, etc.). The festival will also allow children to develop a critical mind and to consider moving images, beyond entertainment, as a communication tool.

An introduction to image education

The festival, which is very simple in its form, offers an introduction to image education to all children's professionals, who can then extend this experience through various means.

Principle of the festival

For teachers and students

The festival for teachers and their students is completely free of charge and without advertising.
The festival runs from March to June to give teachers time to offer students the associated educational activities.
Each teacher registers his or her class and proposes educational activities to his or her pupils following the viewing of the films. In a positive dimension, each child votes for his or her favourite film, gives his or her opinion and shares it with the others.

The pupils discover the films at home and participate in educational activities at school. The festival allows for a family exchange and classroom activities based on a playful medium. A selection committee, made up of representatives of the partners and directors, selects the short films.

The festival is also open to other educational, cultural and social institutions such as libraries and hospitals; parents can also register their children directly.

The film selection committee

A selection committee, consisting of representatives of the partners, selects the films for the festival.

The Education Committee

A pedagogical team, made up of teachers and film professionals, creates the educational activities.

The children's prize

Each child, after watching the films and participating in the educational activities, votes for their favourite film.

The children's prize Takorama 2021 Children's Prize Winners

In 2020, 270,000 children participated and awarded the 'Children's Prize' in each of the festival categories.
In 2021, 340,418 participants: 10,161 teachers, 4,092 parents and 326,165 children (303,190 at school and 22,975 at home) from 115 countries participated in the festival. 22,975 at home) from 115 countries participated in the festival, with France accounting for 77% of the global participation.
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