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A programme on traditional tales?

4 films of a total duration of 25 minutes for children from 6 years old

Educational objectives of the programme

Revisiting folk tales
The stories we used to listen to before going to sleep and tell before they fell asleep.
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Masataka Hiroyasu, © ONF
Watch the children's movie: Les Musiciens de Brême
The famous traditional tale. Donkey, dog, cat, rooster and thieves.
3 min 38 s
Claude Cloutier, © ONF
Watch the children's movie: Sleeping Betty
A hilarious parody, a hilarious adaptation of the famous fairy tale "Sleeping Beauty". Isabelle, like Sleeping Beauty, is sleeping and nothing can wake her up.
9 min 17 s
Sjaak Rood, © NIAF
Watch the short film for children: Fast Forward Little Red Riding Hood
The famous children's story reinterpreted in a crazy animation by Sjaak Rood. The young girl and the wolf go all over the place to create a very dynamic world.
1 min 31 s
Anu-Laura Tuttelberg, © Estonian Academy of Arts
Watch the children's movie: On the Other Side of the Woods
A strange and surreal adaptation of one of the "world's most famous stories.
10 min 09 s
In the service of children's education, films as a pedagogical tool.

Fairy tales at school

Fairy tales, wonderful tales, cultural relics, have survived time.
The definition of the tale is complex. Often cruel, it reflects a time when scaring children at night before going to sleep was an educational method.

Alone in the forest, you will be eaten!

Fascinating to analyse our ancestral fears and anxieties in the face of the unknown.

But the marvellous tale is also an open door to the imagination.
Telling a fairy tale is like planting seeds in the child's mind (1).
1 : Bruno Bettelheim dans sa The Uses of Enchantment.

Educational activities on children's stories

"Little Red Riding Hood" has had many versions: with Charles Perrault, the story ends with the wolf's victory, and with the Grimm brothers, the heroine is safe.

Get your pens ready!

But what if it all happened differently... Get to work! Imagine new adventures and a surprising ending to this popular tale.

© Howard Kingston, AOKIstudio. MIXUP, interactive stories.

From the film "Sleeping Betty", Cinderella revisited, list the parodies and diversions of the attributes of the world of the traditional tale (drawbridge door, hoover broom...).

A spectacular ending for Jack and the Beanstalk?
An inconceivable ending for The Wolf and the 7 Kids?
Imagine the adventures of a new fairy tale!
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