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A programme on parent-child relationships?

4 films with a total duration of 21 minutes for children aged 6 and over

Educational objectives of the programme

What is the family? What do children think about family relationships?
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A. Chesworth B. & Pontillas, © TAIKO Studios
Watch the film for children from 5 years old: One small step
A young girl has always dreamed of becoming an astronaut.
7 min 40 s
Yoshiko Misumi, © Yoshiko Misumi
Watch the children's movie: Googuri Googuri
In her grandfather's arms, a little girl lets her imagination run wild.
8 min 22 s
Dina Velikovskaya, © Vgik
Watch the children's movie: My Strange Grandfather
A very poetic film on the theme of difference and exclusion, but also the friendship between a little girl and her grandfather.
6 min 40 s
Frank Liu, © Frank Liu
Watch the children's movie: Brocoli
A young mother struggles to get her child to eat broccoli.
1 min 41 s

In the service of children's education, films as a pedagogical tool.

The parent-child relationship

Relationships between children and parents are rich and complex. Film can help young children to look at experiences in a new way, but also to reflect and anticipate future situations.

4 films to evoke tender moments but also difficult times, relationships with grandparents or other family members.

Activities on family relationships

Parents, grandparents, brothers and sisters, cousins...
What do children think about family relationships?

Do you know your family's ancestors?

Portrait de famille, 1920. Family portrait, 1920. CC0.

Collect the family photos.
Suggest that they make a family tree and write their family history.
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Did your children enjoy this programme of films about parent-child relationships? Have you studied a film about the family with your students?
Share your experience with the children, the topics covered, the activities created in the kindergarten or primary class, the children's reaction.
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