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A programme on moral and civic education?

5 films with a total duration of 23 minutes for children from 6 years old

Educational objectives of the programme

Discover the richness of difference, learn respect for others, the rules of collective life and politeness.
Have self-confidence, show initiative and responsibility.
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Decovocal, © Decovocal
Film pour enfants sur l'éducation civique : buildings
A short film for children to address with children, in a metaphorical and original way, the theme of difference and exclusion. 5 min
Eugene Boitsov, © La Poudrière
Watch the children's movie: Les Bébêtes
How can tolerance and respect for others be taught from nursery school? 1 min 30 s
Gabriel Lin, © Calarts
Film pour enfants sur la confiance en soi : The Best toy
Influenced by the gaze of others, a boy transforms his toy. The influence of outside views and the importance of self-confidence. 2 min 46 s
Dina Velikovskaya, © VGIK
Regardez le film pour enfants sur l'exclusion : My Strange Grandfather
A very poetic film on the theme of difference and exclusion, but also the friendship between a little girl and her grandfather. 8 min 40 s
Julio Cesar Velazquez, © Weareplace
Regardez le film pour enfants sur l'exclusion : Hi
Adorable geometrically shaped characters get to know each other. 3 min 33 s


Wan-Jung Hsiao, © TNUA
Instruction civique, film pour enfants sur l'exclusion : The perfect magic
A magician has great difficulty in attracting the attention of the audience. Eccentricity as the origin of exclusion. 5 min 11 s

In the service of children's education, films to create debate and accompany pedagogy at school.

Civic and moral education in schools

Nursery school, the first experience of life in society, enables children to learn together the rules of collective life. The child develops within a group and acquires the notions of respect for others, sharing, responsibility and the common rules of civility and politeness.

Learning together the rules of collective life

Civic and moral education in primary schools transmits fundamental values of the republic such as freedom, equality, solidarity, tolerance and the absence of any form of discrimination.

Teaching points on civic and moral education in class after viewing the films

List the reasons for exclusion of each of the films and videos in this programme.
To understand how difference can be necessary for others.
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Did your children enjoy this programme of films dedicated to respect for others and moral and civic education at school? Have you studied a film on the rules of collective life with your pupils?
Share your experience with the children, the themes addressed, the activities created in the kindergarten or primary school class, the children's reaction.
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