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A programme on memory?

4 films of a total duration of 18 minutes for children from 6 years old

Educational objectives of the programme

What is memory? Short-term and long-term memory. Reconstruction and reinvention of the past.
Why and how do our memories reappear?
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Mascha Halberstad, © Viking Film - NTR
Regardez le film sur pour enfants la mémoire : Goodbye mister de Vries
An object, a sound, a smell... And suddenly our memories come back.
5 min 48 s
Natalia Chernysheva, © La Poudrière
Regardez le film sur pour enfants le souvenir : Le retour
Things are not the same as in our childhood memories.
1 min 26 s
Jeremy Guiter, © École Émile Cohl
Regardez le film pour enfants sur la mémoire : Sur les rails
A very poetic metaphor for memory.
3 min 46 s
lunohod, © Lunohod
Regardez le film pour enfants sur la mémoire : Wings and Oars
The memories of a former aeroplane pilot. Poetry and surrealism.
5 min 52 s

In the service of children's education, films as a pedagogical tool.

Memory at school

How do our memories resurface? What triggers our memory? A sound, a smell, a taste, a body situation, a certain temperature, the humidity of the air, a relationship of scale with an object or a place?

Why and how do certain scenes from previous lives, certain people who have disappeared from our memory, suddenly resurface?

The triggers of our memory

A subject that is a little difficult for the little ones, but fascinating; young children are easily taken in by the game.

In Marcel Proust's novel In Search of Lost Time, the taste of a biscuit dipped in tea projects the narrator into his past in Combray.
A lesser-known example from the same novel, in the courtyard of the Hôtel de Guermantes, disjointed cobblestones, a loss of balance, resurrect its past: the uneven paving stones of St Mark's Square in Venice.

The science of memory is still in its infancy, but we are beginning to understand the role of the hippocampus in memory and now believe that our memories, linked to unique moments and sensory experiences, are stored in the brain as particular and unique configurations of neurons.

Reliving a past sensory experience

One of the ideas of neuroplasticity is that each memory has a unique pattern of neuronal activity.

This connection may never be reactivated, but if by chance one relives a sensory experience similar to an earlier one, a sound or a smell would reactivate this unique configuration, and resurrect the memory inextricably linked to that sensory experience.

Ideas for activities about memory

Many adults have experienced the sudden appearance of a lost memory.
Children, too, forget at an early age and revive buried memories.

Childhood memories © Olivier Defaye.

Ask the children to make a list of their memories.
The memories of yesterday, the older memories.
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