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A programme on friendship?

4 films with a total duration of 22 minutes for children from 6 years old

Educational objectives of the programme

What is friendship? Why and how do we become friends? Is friendship eternal?
The differences between friendships and family relationships.
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Ashley Farlow, © The Savannah College
The story of a poor little shark.
2 min 12 s
An adorable short film to talk about friendship with children, but also to reflect on the relationships we have with pets.
Ashley Farlow, © The Savannah College
Watch the film for 3 year olds: Bottle
The friendship between a sandman and a snowman.
5 min 25 s
A moving short film about an impossible friendship.
C. D. Carvalho, © Melting - Je Regarde - Inefecto
Regardez le film pour enfants sur l'amitié : Premier Automne
A film of great poetry, a beautiful allegory of life.
10 min 31 s
A meeting quickly becomes more complicated than one might imagine. You have to learn to compromise to protect each other.
Sabrina Cotugno, © Calarts
Regardez le film pour enfants sur l'amitié : The Shadow Folk
Un renard attrape l'ombre d'une souris, une histoire riche en surprises.
4 min 7 s
A little fox goes hunting in the woods and discovers something rather unpleasant, a strange creature. Will they make friends?

At the service of children's education, a tool to accompany the school curriculum.

Friendship at school

The school is the meeting place par excellence. Children often bond with each other quickly, but is it possible to explain why?
A fascinating topic for philosophers but also for young children.

School as a meeting place par excellence

A theme to be linked to moral education, the values of respect and solidarity.

Ideas for educational activities on friendship

From the films...
What is the purpose of a comrade? How do we know if we are friends? Does it take time to become a friend? Is it necessary to have friends?
"If I am pressed to say why I loved him, I feel that it can only be expressed by answering: because it was him, because it was me".
Essais, I, 28, De l'amitié by Michel Eyquem de Montaigne, 1580.
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