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A programme on ecology?

4 films with a total duration of 19 minutes for children aged 9 and over

Educational objectives of the programme

To introduce children to ecology with themes such as pollution, forest protection, waste, biodiversity.
To raise awareness that we are responsible for protecting our environment.
Learn the right reflexes to preserve the planet. To understand a film on ecology.
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J.Tereso and F.Maldonado, © J.Tereso and F.Maldonado
Watch the children's movie: Shave it
A very intelligent monkey, struggling with deforestation in the Amazon forest.
4 min 11 s
An excellent way to reflect on the relationship between nature and culture, but also on what separates apes from humans.
Leonardo Cavaletti, © Leonardo Cavaletti
Watch the children's movie: De Planeta
The history of our planet.
1 min 56 s
A rhythmic short film about urbanisation and the impact of human activities on the planet Earth.
Morgane Boullier, © CPIE
Regardez le film pour enfants  sur l'écologie : Un carré pour la Biodiversité
A little girl discovers the unsuspected wealth of biodiversity in her garden, flowers and butterflies.
5 min 45 s
A wonderful short film to help children understand the importance of preserving biodiversity.
P.I.Carvalho, © The Animation Workshop
Watch the film for children: Vagabond
A homeless man lives alone with his dog, Loppe, in a strange futuristic city.
7 min 25 s
One of the few dystopian science fiction worlds in our selection of films for small children.

Cinema for children's education, a film on ecology as an educational tool.

Ecology at school

If we all do it together, we can act for the ecology, for the preservation of our planet. Ecology is also about small daily gestures.

Learning the right ecological reflexes

School is also about learning the right ecological reflexes and becoming aware of the habits that we can change to move towards sustainable development.

Documentary film on ecology

Do you know of any documentary films on ecology available on streaming or blu-ray?
Share your best documentaries on environmental protection with us!

Animated film on ecology

Do you know any good animated films about ecology and climate?
Share your best animated films with us!

Ecology activity ideas

To be for or against, to give your opinion on an ecological or climatic phenomenon.
Appreciate the beauty of nature. Following the news. Cause and effect.

Using the cartoon "Le plus gros Président du Monde", summarise the ecological disasters, their causes and consequences, and represent the planet Earth, not with continents, but with ecosystems associated with the events that threaten them, such as deforestation, overexploitation of species, but also pollution, water and greenhouse gas emissions.

Discover the flora and fauna

For nature and animal lovers.
Why not create with the children at school, like the CPIE, your own biodiversity square, your own ecosystem by keeping a grassy space for a whole vegetation season without human intervention.

Ecology at school © Marjolaine Rouzeau. Enjoy the beauty of nature.

For the pleasure of young and old, discover the flora and animal species that have developed naturally.
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