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A programme on body expression?

4 films with a total duration of 23 minutes for all children up to 99 years old!

Educational objectives of the programme

Enter the dance!
Invite children to discover the world of dance, the beauty of bodies in movement, but also the magic of images.
Act and express themselves with their bodies. Describe and represent the movement in space of a person or an object.
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Norman McLaren, © ONF
Watch the film Pas de deux. Dance for children
Experimental film, dressed in white, two artists dance in a black painted set. 13 min 24 s
Norman McLaren, © ONF
Watch the abstract film for children: Short and Suite
A cocktail of colours to make children want to draw and dance. 5 min
Jérémie Balais, © La Poudrière
Watch the abstract film for children: Film de Cube
Abstraction for the wonder and artistic awakening of children. 1 min 27 s
Ryan J Woodward, © Ryan J Woodward
Watch the children's film on dance: Thought of You
Collaboration with choreographers and dancers to perfect the animation. 3 min 6 s

In the service of children's education, films as a pedagogical tool.

Body expression at school

Walking, running, swimming, falling, sliding, pushing, turning, whirling, balancing... children, from an early age, naturally learn to control their bodies.

films for children and dance © Marjolaine Rouzeau. Sports and physical activities in the kindergarten.

Physical expression, visual, auditory and tactile activities encourage concentration, the discovery of body movements in space and time, and the ability to grasp and transform an object or a place.

Physical and artistic education encourages group expression and contributes to the emotional and social development of children.

Educational resources on dance

Using Norman McLaren's short films, interpret and reproduce with the body the position, movement and rhythm of an abstract form.

Have a child create their own choreography

After watching the film programme, in groups of children, imitate the relative positions between the abstract shapes in the film. Each child thinks about how to position themselves to reproduce the drawing.

Dance and children © Marjolaine Rouzeau. Educational activities based on the dance films.

One group of children chooses a spatial configuration in the classroom and the other group imagines how to represent it in a drawing.

Imagine together a choreography with a beginning, a development and an end.
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Did your children enjoy this programme of films dedicated to dance and body expression? Have you studied a choreography with your pupils? Share your experience, the activities created in class, the children's reaction. Are you using the themed films as a teaching aid?
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