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What are the criteria for choosing films for children?

The pace of learning, the children's ability to understand, the themes studied in class, the originality of the scenarios and the visual worlds.

Entertaining and educational films suitable for children

When choosing a children's film , having a methodology and selection criteria allows you to be in line with the age of the spectators, the learning themes in class or at home and the need for discovery of the youngest.
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The age of the children

The films should be educational, support the development of the children, give everyone time to observe, imitate and give the youngest the desire to express themselves.

Developmentally appropriate for children

Taking into account the age of a child will make it possible to choose a film whose content and messages will be in line with his or her intellectual, emotional and relational development.

Les films éducatifs © Marjolaine Defaye. Allow time for each child to watch and learn

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Originality of stories and visual universes

Our selection of short films focuses on the originality of the universe and the poetic dimension of the films. We choose films that children do not easily have the opportunity to see and whose diversity will encourage their curiosity and creativity.

Original stories and visual worlds © La Poudrière. Abstract film by Emma Vakarelova: Before I become an island, 2013

Walt Disney and Hayao Miyazaki's films are very often masterpieces, but their graphic universes are very classic. With our film portal, we wanted to show more original films that are not usually offered.

We are far from blockbusters that tend to look the same. Norman McLaren's films are a very good example,

Films that are not often offered to children

The choices are very varied. We present narrative films that give importance to the story, the psychology of the characters, but also abstract films that focus on the visual universe, the shapes, the colours, the rhythm.

Learning themes in school

Selecting short films and cartoons by theme such as civics, family relations, environmental protection, memory, friendship will help to create film programmes appropriate to the subjects studied in class.

Choosing films according to the school curriculum

Throughout the school year, the short films will become a tool to accompany activities with students. Our portal offers teachers the possibility to choose films according to the educational objectives and programmes of the national education system.

Film genres

A classification by genre, such as fantasy, marvellous, comic, musical, abstract or science fiction films, allows you to choose the tone of the screenings, but also the workshops and activities in class.

The difference between film genres © Friedrich Wilhelm Murnau. Nosferatu the Vampire, 1922

The children will laugh, sing and dance. The little ones will draw the characters, the older ones will explain the story. Explaining the differences between genres in the cinema will also be a lot of fun.

Choosing the tone of the screenings

What is a comedy, a parody, why is this character a hero? To make children understand the subtlety between a fantasy film and a wonderful film will also be a very good exercise in understanding.

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Do you have your own criteria for selecting, choosing films suitable for small and young children?
The opinion of teachers and parents is essential for us to continue to offer quality short films to small children in a safe way. Do you have a personal method for finding quality films? Do you have an opinion on the age at which a child can watch a film? Ask us for tailor-made thematic programmes according to your curriculum, your needs with the pupils, the learning themes of the elementary school!
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